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When Jochem & Sjoerd became first-time dads in 2013, they found out that even skincare products for babies contain harmful ingredients. And so, Naïf was born: good care for babies & kids, using only ingredients that the baby skin really needs which are good for the skin and have a minimal impact on the planet. Nothing more, nothing less. Soon adults also started using Naïf's products. By now there is an assortment for young and old. Because you too deserve good, easy, natural skincare.

"Every human is naturally born naive: pure, honest and unbiased. We would like to keep it that way. Harmful ingredients, difficult words and misleading claims are not a part of that"

– Jochem Hes en Sjoerd Trompetter, founding fathers Naïf.

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Talking about simplicity

At Naïf, we prefer to look at how things can be done differently and look for natural alternatives that give the same, if not better, results as the non-natural variants. In our products you will find ingredients like linseed oil, cottonseed oil, avocado oil and tomato extract. But also zinkoxide and coconut fibers. Mineral oils, chemical conservation or hard chemicals; we stay away from those. Your skin does not need them and neither does the planet.

We help families to take good care without worry

Naïf's philosophy is simple: do good. What this means? We make skincare products that respect and protect the purity of humans and the planet. We want to leave the world as a better place than how we've found it. Not only for ourselves, but also for the next generation, so they can also choose and enjoy Good Care. This is not just about the ingredients, but also the packaging, shipping methods and how we work at Naïf HQ.

Responsible to do good

Naïf is B-Corp certified. That’s huge! This means that Naïf is committed to creating a better world when it comes to social impact, responsibility, transparency and sustainability. We are allowed to be a little proud of that.

How do we pursue our mission?

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